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Africa (54 countries) is a fast growing region with currently 18 member countries. The African Billiards & Snooker Confederation succeeded in including Snooker in the African Games 2019 held in Morocco for the 1st time in history. Including Snooker in the African Games pulled the attention of the whole world. Once again the ABSC included Snooker in another Olympic event: The African Universities Games to be held in Kenya 2022. We believe by involving universities in Snooker, our community will grow bigger and bigger every day hoping to get all 54 African countries as members of the ABSC

The All Africa 2021

Due to the increased travel restrictions and the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant, the ABSC board decided to postpone the All Africa Snooker championship and the AGM to be early next year 2022.


We will inform you soon with the new date.

Stay safe

BCE are pleased to announce its latest strategic alliance with African Billiards & Snooker Confederation in its quest to take BCE back to the top of Snooker and recreating the glory years of the 1980’s.


BCE, the iconic brand that first emerged on the International Snooker scene in 1982, when it secured the exclusive rights in supplying the BCE Westbury Snooker table for all televised Snooker events to the then, governing body, WPBSA, is on the march again, but this time on the Continent of Africa. BCE have taken a big step towards re-establishing itself, as one of the leading brands in Snooker once again, by partnering with the African Billiards & Snooker Confederation, to supply its Westbury Snooker tables for all officially sanctioned Snooker events throughout Africa.


Stuart Lacey, BCE’s Managing Director commented, “Africa is an emerging continent for cue sports and Snooker in particular. We as a group feel the time is now right to support the growth of the game throughout Africa with the view to introducing the playing public to higher quality Snooker equipment that in the past has not been readily accessible in the market as should have been the case”.


Snooker tables and equipment have moved on since the market first started to open up in Africa and we feel the time is now right for BCE to offer players the experience of playing on tables that are hand crafted in Great Britain, so players can see the difference that high quality Snooker tables and accessories can make to them, their game and in developing the sport throughout the African Continent.

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