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African Billiards & Snooker Confederation (ABSC)


Africa (54 countries) is a fast growing region with currently 18 member countries. The African Billiards & Snooker Confederation succeeded in including Snooker in the African Games 2019 held in Morocco for the 1st time in history. Including Snooker in the African Games pulled the attention of the whole world. Once again the ABSC included Snooker in another Olympic event: The African Universities Games to be held in Kenya 2020. We believe by involving universities in Snooker, our community will grow bigger and bigger every day hoping to get all 54 African countries as members of the ABSC


The ABSC organise every year:

1. The African men (Qualifies to the main tour)

2. The African 6 red (Qualifies to the world 6 red in Thailand)

3. The African Seniors (Qualifies to the Seniors tour)

4. The African club team

The ABSC intends to organise starting 2021:

1. The African women

2. The African under 21

3. The African nations cup

4. Africa mixed doubles